Our Mission is to help our customers to keep their competitiveness by providing the best quality parts at the lowest possible cost.

Benefits of Working with BPC
• Significantly reduce costs on your machined parts & assemblies.
• Eliminate excess overhead, capital investment, andinventory carrying costs
• Outsourcing production enables clients to focus oninnovation and value-added processes

Manufacturing Capabilities
• Aluminum, Brass & Bronze Castings
• Aluminum, Brass & Bronze Forgings
• Bearings & Bushings
• Copper & Aluminum Tubes & Fittings
• Metal & Rubber Molded Designs
• Plastic Injection Molds & Finished Parts
• Plating, Powder Coating, PVD Finish
• Precision Turning, Milling & Grinding
• Screw Machine & Swiss Machine
• Stampings
• Steel Castings & Forgings
• Zinc Injection Moldings
* We are always working to expand our manufacturing capabilities. If its not listed, please inquire with us.

Additional Services
• On-site inspection protocol throughout allphases of production
• Rapid first-article production workingfrom samples or blueprints
• Private label branding and packaging available for distributors

How To Get Started
• Contact us to discuss your initial manufacturing requirements. Our team of highly skilledproduct engineers will also be available to discuss any critical technical matters. 
• Send in a sample part along with drawings (if available) in any electronicor paper format.
• We will submit a firm quotation in full conformance to all specification requirements within 7-10 business days.
• First-article samples will be supplied promptly for your inspection and approvalprior to acceptance of each order.

Our Total Quality Commitment, "quality" is not just a word; it is a philosophy. 
All of our professionals are keenly aware of the mission-critical nature of the manufactured parts and assemblies we supply to our clients. All of the material you receive from us will be packaged securely and will arrive with full documentation. Quality personnel perform on-site inspection throughout all phases of the production process. Blueprints and samples are retained on file to assure continued conformance once first article inspection approval has been achieved. Our Q.C. professionals also benchmark our internal quality performance along with those of our approved suppliers on a continual basis. Only 100% conformance to shipments that arrive on time and according to specification will be deemed acceptable.