New Lead Free Vacuum Breaker


IAPMO cUPC Certificate & California Lead Plumbing Law AB1953 & NSF/ANSI 372

Hose Connection Vacuum Breaker Patent No. US 8, 245,721 B2

Patented Lead-Free Weather Resistance Ability

This Hose Connection Vacuum Breaker was designed to permit the attachment of portable hose to hose thread faucets such as service sinks, laundry tubs and hose bibbs.

Patented Lead-Free structure designed to prevent the flow of contaminated water back into the potable water supply, this Vacuum Breaker requires no plumbing changes, screw directly onto Hose thread faucet devises.

Anodized Surface Treatment brings strongly Weather Resistance Ability:

When environmental temperature change from cryogenic -40o F (-40oC) to elevated temperatures 180o F (82oC). These changes will not impact the product function. Such wide ranges of environmental temperature makes this product with maximum durability in use.

Any Color available is also a special characteristic for this patented Vacuum Breaker ! Decorate your Vacuum Breaker with its colorful dress to match your colorful life !

BPC Lead Free Vacuum Breaker

Certifications:ASSE logo Pressure - Temperature
Complied with ASSE 1011-2004 and CSA B64.2-2011
IAPMO® Listed
cUPC® Certified
California Lead Plumbing Law AB1953.
Section 1417(d) of the Safe Drinking Water Act
Section 116875 of the California Health & Safety Code
NSF/ANSI 372-2010
Maximum working water pressure 125 PSI
Maximum working water temperature 180°F

This product has been tested and certified by IAPMO for IAMPO cUPC Certificate & Lead Plumbing Law


For Anti-Siphon Vacuum Breakers

A hose connection type anti-siphon vacuum breaker shall be installed where indicated on the plans to prevent the back-siphonage of contaminated water.

This device is not to be used under continuous pressure or where there is a possibility that a back pressure condition may develop. This device shall meet the requirements of ASSE Standard 1011.